Why Choose CELTA?



a10 reasons why to do the CELTA in AKCENT International House Prague:

The most respected TEFL qualification

TEFL, CELTA, ESL, TESOL, EFL, etc.  It must seem confusing for a person when first trying to choose a course in English teaching because there are so many choices. ‚TEFL‘ is a general term which is sometimes used to refer to qualifications for English language teachers. The Cambridge CELTA is by far the best known and most widely taken initial qualification. Only the Trinity TESOL course can come close to the standards and quality of a CELTA course and CELTA has been established longer. Basically anyone can set themselves up and say they offer a ‚TEFL“ course regardless of teaching experience, qualifications and so on. Any potential employer, if they have any knowledge at all of initial TEFL qualifications, is likely to know of the Cambridge CELTA. It is accepted throughout the world by organisations which employ English language teachers. When doing CELTA in Prague you are guaranteed that your course is running to an approved syllabus, your trainers are all highly experienced AND have been trained to tutor you. All the courses cost about the same price but only the CELTA can guarantee you are employable all around the world.

Cambridge ESOL Course Standardization

The courses are validated, and syllabus and assessment criteria are fixed by, the University of Cambridge English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). This assures quality control in a number of areas: All centres (such as AKCENT International House Prague) are subject to approval by ESOL and have to maintain standards in order to retain this approval. If a centre is failing to meet the required standards, approval to run course will be withdrawn by ESOL. Similarly, it is not uncommon for institutions to have their application to run CELTA courses turned down by ESOL.

External Assessor Moderation

Every CELTA course is moderated by an external assessor which means you are assured you are receiving appropriate level of training and that the trainers are doing their job to an approved standard (if they weren’t the centre could have their accrediatation revoked)

Cambridge ESOL approved trainers

Each CELTA trainer has to be approved by ESOL (which includes meeting ESOL requirements re teaching experience and qualifications, this means that a trainer usually has a minimum qualification of a diploma certificate plus a number of years experience of other teacher development) and has to undergo a substantial induction process. No tutor who has not been accredited by Cambridge ESOL can EVER tutor on a CELTA course.

Low student-trainer ratio

You are guaranteed a maximum of 6 trainees to 1 tutor. Most of our courses have a maximum of 12 trainees. Other courses take as many people as possible, which makes them more money but also reduces the amount of time a tutor is available for you.

External body for complaints

Should you not be happy with the standard of training you receive, there is an external body to which you can complain so you can be certain your complaint will be dealt with seriously and relevant action taken.

Ideal Setting

AKCENT International House Prague is one of the biggest schools in the country so you will get a feel for what it is like being an EFL (TEFL) teacher in a real teaching environment. The school also belongs to a worldwide network of schools, very handy for careers advice and job openings in many countries. Should you be interested in a job in another IH you can even be interviewed in person while still in Prague.

Low cost of living

During the four-weeks of the course you will not be earning any money.  Therefore, one advantage of doing CELTA in Prague is the lower cost of living. In general, you can expect to pay about half what you would in London, Paris, or New York.  Beers and subway tickets are about a pound or two dollars, short-term housing costs are reasonable, and you can dine in relative luxury without breaking the bank. To find out the latest exchange rates, please go to www.xe.com/ucc extern-ico.

Prague: Stay in the City of 100 Spires

Since the Velvet Revolution of 1989, Prague has become an international hotspot, and for good reason.  A gorgeous city, largely untouched by the wars of the last few centuries, it is a place of romance, intrigue, and beauty.  Come check it out for yourself!