Meet the Trainers

Course Directors

leona-maslova Leona Máslová

Head of Teacher Training Centre
CELTA Course Director & DELTA Tutor
I have been involved in teaching and teacher training since 1995, in Hungary, Russia, South Africa and the Czech Republic. At AKCENT IH Prague I work on CELTA, DELTA  and TKT courses. In my free time I like travelling, reading and going to my favourite yoga class.

cathy-bwdenCathy Bowden

DELTA Course Director, CELTA and Teach Business English tutor
I’ve been teaching EFL since 1996 in Lithuania and The Czech Republic. I’ve been at AKCENT International House Prague since September 2000. I train teachers on the courses for teaching English for business and teaching one-to-one, as well as CELTA. Out of school, I enjoy playing cards, socialising, reading, quizzes and walking.


alzbeta-polisenskaAlžběta Polišenská

I have taught English since 1993. I received Trinity Licentiate Diploma in ELT in 1998 and I have been involved in teacher training since 2001. I’m based in Brno and work on CELTA courses in Brno and Prague. If I’m not travelling between these two places, I like hiking, photography, listening to music or sometimes just staying in and reading.


Finn Boanas

CELTA, Teach Business English, LAC & TKT tutor
I’ve been working in EFL since 2005 in Moscow and Prague. I’ve been with Akcent IH Prague since 2006, where I’ve  worked as a teacher, director of studies and teacher trainer (LAC, Teach Business English and CELTA).
In my free time, I like to pursue my studies in Zappology and delude myself that I’m a great football player.


CELTA tutor
I’ve been working for IH since 2005. I worked in China and Poland before I moved to the Czech Republic in 2008. I started teacher training at Akcent IH Prague where I’ve worked as a Senior Teacher, Assistant Director of Studies, and Director of Studies for YL. I spent a year working for IH Hanoi as an Academic Manager before I returned to Prague. In my free time, I like watching films, reading, hiking and cooking.


Jaime Lilley

CELTA, DELTA, Teach Business English & TKT tutor
I have been teaching EFL in Prague full time since 2004, and before that was involved in literacy training and tutoring in English for academic purposes in Southern California. Currently, I am a teacher and a teacher trainer at AKCENT.  When I’m not otherwise engaged, I enjoy hanging around in my pyjamas, consuming stories in all kinds of ways, taking photographs, traveling and spending time with my extra nice husband.


Gregor Kalinowski

CELTA tutor

I ’ve worked in EFL since 2003, and have been in Prague since 2005. I currently work as a teacher-trainer (CELTA) and college tutor for AKCENT IH Prague.

 michelle-dohertyMichelle Doherty

 CELTA & IH CYLT tutor
I’ve been teaching EFL in Australia and The Czech Republic since 2003. I’ve been at AKCENT International House Prague since 2004, where I am a teacher and a teacher trainer on the CELTA and YL courses. In my free time I like travelling, walking, playing tennis (very badly), reading and doing craft projects.

Michal Tatarko sq.Michal Tatarko

CELTA tutor
I´ve been teaching EFL since 2009. Currently I work as a college teacher at Akcent College Prague where I specialize in English language methodology. I also work as a CELTA tutor at Akcent IH Prague. I enjoy hiking and summer sports like cycling and inline skating. My other interests are space documentaries and any sci-fi movies.


Dana Hánková

I graduated in Pedagogy from Charles University, Prague, and have taught both children and adults – mainly the latter in recent years. Teacher training now takes up an increasing amount of my time, particularly training on DELTA courses. My other interests include outdoor sports activities, reading and my two children.