The new methodology course for Very YL teachers

We start 11th Deceber 2015

IH Certificate in Teaching Very Young Learners

We are excited to announce that from December 2015, Akcent International House Prague will be offering limited places on the International House Certificate in Teaching Very Young Learners.

Who is it for?
Course objectives
Structure and Assessment
Dates and timetable
How to Apply

Who is it for?

Qualified and Experienced language teachers that are interested in teaching Very Young Learners.

Qualified and Experienced language teachers who have already taught Young Learners but would like specific training.


To prepare teachers for the specific challenges of working with very young learners (6 and below).

Course objectives

The ever increasing number of preschool children learning English and the constantly decreasing age that they start learning it is a growing trend. This course caters to teachers who are currently teaching VYL (pre-primary/ early years), are about to start teaching VYL or at minimum have access to VYL classes which they can observe. You may have experience of teaching YL classes, but find that the needs of learners age 6 or younger are different and require a different approach.

This course aims to introduce you to the principles involved in teaching this age group and give you a bank of activities and resources to support your teaching.


This is a 10 module course consisting of input, reading, research and portfolio tasks. 10 sessions cover the following areas:

  • What are VYL
  • The VYL teacher
  • Managing the classroom
  • Coursebooks and materials
  • Materials development
  • Lesson planning
  • Story tellin
  • Games
  • Music and chants
  • Literacy

For more information about the modules, you can read the session overviews here
 IH VYL – Overview of Sessions [PDF, 45 kB]

Structure and Assessment

Each of the 10 sessions are run face to face at Akcent International House Prague by qualified tutors.There is no teaching practice element, however, the course provides opportunities for course participants to implement, experiment with and reflect on acquired knowledge from the input sessions via portfolio tasks which follow each session. Tasks are often classroom based and can be done with your own VYL class or by observing another teacher.

Assessment is based on an end of course portfolio. The portfolio is made up of a minimum of 8 tasks completed over the duration of the course and a final reflective essay of 1000 words.

Candidate portfolios are assessed by the IH World Assessment Unit at the end of the course. The grading of the course is Pass or Fail.

Dates and timetable

IH VYL – Dates and timetable
Date Topic Place
Friday December 4th
15.00 – 16.30
Session 1: What are VYLs? Bítovská 3
Friday December 11th* Portfolio Task 1  
Friday December 18th
14.00-15.30/ 15.45 – 17.15
Session 2: The VYL Teacher
Session 3: Managing the VYL Classroom
Bítovská 3
Friday December 25th Break  
Friday January 1st* Portfolio Task 2  
Friday January 8th* Portfolio Task 3  
Friday January 15th
14.00-15.30/ 15.45 – 17.15
Session 4: VYLCoursebooks and materials
Session 5: Materials Development
Bítovská 3
Friday January 22nd
14.00-15.30/ 15.45 – 17.15
Session 6: Lesson Planning
Session 7: Storytelling
Bítovská 3
Friday January 29th* Portfolio Task 4
Portfolio Task 5
Portfolio Task 6
Portfolio Task 7
Friday February 5th
14.00-15.30/ 15.45 – 17.15
Session 8: Using Games
Session 9: Using Songs and Chants
Bítovská 3
Friday February 12th
Session 10: Literacy Bítovská 3
Friday February 19th* Portfolio Task 8
Portfolio Task 9
Portfolio Task 10
Friday February 26th* End of course assignment  
Friday March 4th* Final Portfolio due  

All sessions are held at Akcent International House Prague, Bitovska 3

All dates marked with a * are due dates for portfolio tasks which are set for homework and can be done anywhere at any time.


The cost of the course, which includes assessment and an IHWO certificate is only 8,000 CZK as a special introductory offer.

How to Apply

Download the application form here  IH VYL – application form [PDF, 70 kB], and email it and/or any enquiries to Kylie Malinowska

Deadline for applications is November 20th, 2015