Post Secondary Study

A year-long intensive course (20 hours / week) based on a decree issued by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic about post-secondary studies.

Students on this course who completed their secondary school leaving examinations (maturita) in the Czech Republic in 2016 have official student status and can claim the relevant benefits including health insurance, tax allowance, family allowance, discounts for transportation etc.

The course fee includes:

  • 10 months tuition, 20 hours a week
  • 100% discount on one Cambridge English exam (the current price of an exam is up to 4.900 CZK)
  • 50% discount on a second Cambridge English exam in the same school year


Please make sure that you register for Cambridge English exams at our registration office in time.

Post-secondary Intensive StudyCourse fee for the post-secondary study course, including the exam fee:

(all prices include VAT)

Post-secondary Intensive Study 2018-2019 – course fees
Number of instalments Schedule of instalments Price in CZK
one instalment paid by 15.8.2018
only applicable for post-secondary school students who completed their leaving examination in 2018
one instalment paid at enrolment 36.950,-
two instalments first instalment paid at enrolment
second instalment by 30.11.2018
Post Secondary Study Terms
Start of the course End of the course There is no tuition on the following days:
3.9.2018 28.6.2019 29.-30.10.2018, 2.1., 1.2., 11.-17.2., 18.-22.4.2019

For detailed information about the Post-secondary Study Programme and about enrolment please contact our registration office:


Vlasta Šterclová, Jana Netíková, Veronika Němcová
telefon: +420 261 261 638 / 675