English in Pre-schools at Prague 10

Our aim is to provide your child with a positive and constructive first English learning experience and introduce them to learning English in a fun and involving manner. Our focus is on recognition before production and exposure to natural, communicative English through real interaction.

When designing our programme, we considered the developmental needs of this age group, second language acquisition theory and our experience to ensure the best possible outcomes for the students. The six key features of the programme (routine, natural communication, songs, TPR/ games, stories, craft) reflect key methodologies and approaches, and are aimed at making your child’s learning not only enjoyable but meaningful.

Lesson plan

The programme is ‘Topic Based’ as we feel this best reflects the way children naturally learn. The topics (see below) are chosen not only to consideration os the interests of this age group, but also for their usefulness in terms of ‘functional language’, which the students can use to communicate on a basic level with the teacher.



English in Pre-schools at Prague 10 – Lesson Plan
Month Topics Target Language
Introduction to English
First Lesson – “What’s your name?”
– “My name is-“
  Colours – red, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple
  Numbers – Numbers 1-6
– Revision of colours
Introduction to the classroom
In Class – bag, pen, book, ball, crayon, chair, paintbrush, ruler, scissors, table
– I have a (book)
– It’s a (book)
  Shapes – square, circle, triangle, star, line
– It’s a (square)
  Halloween – pumpkin, happy, sad, big, small, Happy Halloween
– “I’m a pumpkin and I’m happy / sad / big / small”
Me and my family
Face Parts – face, eye(s), ear(s), nose, mouth, hair
– Touch your-(nose, eyes etc)
– Close your eyes/ open your mouth
– Comb your hair, wash your face
  Family – baby, mummy, daddy, sister, brother, family
– hello, bye-bye, numbers 1-6
  Pets – bird, spider, fish, turtle, rabbit (elephant)
– Do you like-?
– Yes I do/ No I don’t
– I want a-
– big / small
– Pet shop
Toys and Christmas
Noisy Toys – plane, boat, robot, telephone, drum, trumpet
– “Stop that noise!”
– noisy, quiet, stop
– Revision of colours
  Quiet Toys – ball, car, teddy, dolly, train, scooter
– Circle, square, rectangle, triangle
– Where’s the-?
– What is-(red/ blue)?
– I can see a-
– point
  Christmas – Father Christmas, card, Happy Christmas, Christmas tree, present
Me, my clothes and weather
Body Parts – head, arms, tummy, fingers, legs, feet
– For recognition – shake, wave, pat, stamp
  Clothes – t-shirt, trousers, socks, shoes, jacket, hat
– colours
– “What colour is/ are the-?”
– Put on/ take off
  Weather – hot, cold, windy, sunny, rainy, umbrella
– clothes
– body parts
– colours
To recognise
– “What do we do when the weather is-(sunny/ rainy etc)?”
My Home
Incy Wincy Spider – spider, sunshine, rain
– sunny, rainy
– For recognition – “What is it? What is he doing? Is it sunny/ rainy?”
  Rooms in a House – house, sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garden
  Furniture – sofa, fridge, cooker, toilet, bath, TV, table, chair
Jungle Animals – snake, parrot, monkey, tiger, crocodile
– A -(monkey/ tiger etc)- goes like this- (miming)
  Five little Monkeys – revise numbers
– doctor, monkey, telephone, bed, jumping
  At the ZOO – lion, tiger, crocodile, monkey, spider, elephant, snake, bird, section
– The monkeys are-(climbing, eating, drinking)
– Don’t-
Food and Easter
Picnic – melon, cherries, chicken, sandwiches, yoghurt, milkshake
– Yum! Yum!
– Do you like?
– I like-
– I’m hungry
  Making a Cake – chocolate, ice-cream, cake, apples, fish, banana
– I like-
– I don’t like-
  Easter – Easter, Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs
My world
Farm Animals – duck, horse, sheep, cow, rabbit
  Transport – lorry, bus, car, fire engine, bike
– What can you see?
  At the Adventure Park – I want to-(fly, drive, ride)
– He’s/ she’s (eating/ playing/ flying a plane)
– Adventure park, big wheel, merry-go-round, bumper car, train, stall, game)
– Who’s -(flying a plane/ eating/ driving)?
– What’s (student’s name) doing?

Sample video

Here you can download a sample video of  English lessons in pre-schools at Prague 10.
Format .mpg, duration: cca 48 min., size 560 MB.
We recommend you download theentire video first to your hard drive – right click the above link and select “Save target as…”.

If you have any further  questions about the pre-school programme or any other of our language services,  please do not hesitate to contact the school:


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